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Act NOW to save Constitutional Carry

Act NOW to save Constitutional Carry

Constitutional Carry is in dire straits in Indiana unless you act immediately.You see, my sources indicate that Senate President Pro Temp. Rodric Bray and Sen. Liz Brown are conspiring to kill Constitutional Carry bill HB 1077 that passed out of the Indiana House just last week.But to do this, they are sneaking around behind your back.On Wednesday, Brown’s Senate Judiciary Committee plans to hear SB 14, a watered-down Constitutional Carry bill that contains GUN CONTROL.This is completely...

Act NOW to save Constitutional Carry

Is She Going To Kill It Again?

Is She Going To Kill It Again?I just got back from a meeting with Senate Judiciary Chair Liz Brown and I wish I had good news.Instead, Brown made it clear she would rather stand with the likes of Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg than pass Constitutional Carry bill HB 1077 out of her committee.Of course, this is no surprise as Senator Brown killed Constitutional Carry last session!And if we don’t do anything, she’s ready to do it again.Will, call Senate Judiciary Chair Liz Brown’s office at...

Act NOW to save Constitutional Carry

Is Indiana the next Constitutional Carry state?

Thanks to the work of pro-gun patriots across the Hoosier State, Constitutional Carry is on the move through the House in record time!Following a marathon FOUR HOUR hearing in the Public Policy Committee, lawmakers passed Constitutional Carry HB 1077 by a vote of 9-3.But the work isn’t done!With HB 1077 up for 2nd Reading as early as Monday, gun owners must keep up the pressure to get Constitutional Carry past the House......as well as start the process of passing Constitutional Carry through...

Republicans refusing to pass Constitutional Carry in 2022?

Here we go again!We are hearing from insiders at the Capitol that Rep. Matt Lehman is telling people within his district Constitutional Carry is NOT on the legislative agenda for the 2022 Legislative Session.It is no surprise that anti-gun members of the Republican establishment are currently scheming in the back of a smoke-filled cocktail lounge in downtown Indianapolis in an attempt to delay your gun rights yet again.As I am sure you remember, last session the Indiana House passed a...

Act NOW to save Constitutional Carry

You Won’t Believe This

As passed by the Indiana House of Representatives, House Bill 1369, which contains Constitutional Carry language, mandates the creation of a database that presents many legal issues, as well as a myriad of civil liberty and privacy violations.

Act NOW to save Constitutional Carry

Good News!

I have an exciting gun rights update for the New Year

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