I have an exciting gun rights update for the New Year: Newly-elected Republican State Rep. John Jacob is authoring the 2021 Constitutional Carry bill with pro-gun champion State Rep. Curt Nisly as co-author. As you know, Constitutional Carry simply removes the requirement for invasive background checks, fingerprinting databases, and plastic-coated government permission slips to exercise a fundamental right. This bureaucratic red tape currently discourages law-abiding Hoosiers from having the means to protect themselves and their loved ones when they need it most. You shouldn’t have to get government permission to practice a fundamental right, period. It’s well past time Indiana made the Second Amendment the only “permit” necessary for law-abiding citizens to exercise their right to keep and bear arms. Constitutional Carry is common sense to law-abiding gun owners, but the political establishment in Indianapolis still doesn’t get it. Despite having large majorities in both chambers of the General Assembly, it’s self-proclaimed “pro-gun” Republicans killing Constitutional Carry year after year. Just earlier this year, Constitutional Carry was denied so much as a committee hearing, let alone a vote. That’s why it’s critical to make sure they know pro-gun Hoosiers expect Constitutional Carry to become law in 2021, and nothing less. We made the political establishment spend a lot of money protecting incumbents with anti-gun voting records this election cycle, like Republican House Majority Floor Leader Matt Lehman. And even though he won, Lehman and others are looking over their shoulder for another primary challenger, thinking twice about opposing Constitutional Carry. But legislative leadership is likely to strike back, finding new ways to silence gun owners with nasty political power plays and compromises, so it’s crucial we keep up the pressure. After all, it is one thing to lobby candidates to take a public stance in support of the Second Amendment. Getting them to keep their word when comfortably in office is another. Your grassroots activism is critical to sending a clear message that Hoosiers will settle for nothing less than full restoration of our gun rights. That’s why Hoosier Gun Rights staff and volunteers hand-delivered thousands of petitions from pro-gun Hoosiers in support of Constitutional Carry earlier this year. And we couldn’t have done it without the activism and support of pro-gun Hoosiers like you. You helped lawmakers in Indianapolis hear our loud-and-clear message. Now it’s time to double down and make sure they know gun owners are not satisfied with incremental reforms. It’s more critical for politicians to feel the pressure to fully support Constitutional Carry for Indiana! Thank you for your continued support and activism. For Freedom, Brenden Boudreau

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