As passed by the Indiana House of Representatives, House Bill 1369, which contains Constitutional Carry language, mandates the creation of a database that presents many legal issues, as well as a myriad of civil liberty and privacy violations. Benjamin Blatt, Attorney at Law, of South Bend worked with us to send a letter voicing both his and our concerns with House Bill 1369 to the Indiana Senate. This database, which is being billed as a way to keep guns out of the hands of “bad guys,” will essentially allow law enforcement to run a criminal background check during each and every traffic stop. As Mr. Blatt covers in his letter, this is a system that does not exist in any other state and there are a list of reasons for this that Mr. Blatt covers in detail. Click here to read Mr. Blatt’s full letter and see all the issues in HB 1369 that MUST be fixed! New issues with HB 1369 continue arising as legal experts dig into each new iteration of the bill, further proving that it was hastily thrown together in the name of compromise without realizing the full ramifications of the policies added to the bill. The approach being taken with this bill is reminiscent of Nancy Pelosi’s famous quip about Obamacare that “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” This is a dangerous way to legislate and is over complicating what should be a very simple policy to pass in Indiana. Simply put, under Constitutional Carry, anyone who can legally possess a handgun should be able to carry it without having to obtain a permit. No other constitutional right has these required hoops that you must jump through, except for the Second Amendment. The hoop jump has now transitioned over to the legislative process. Not a single Constitutional Carry state, now 18 of them, includes language mandating the creation of a database that could lead to all sorts of civil liberty violations as well as delaying the implementation for over a year. And don’t buy the nonsense from establishment politicians and their apologists in the media that it isn’t a database. The bill author (Rep. Smaltz) repeated several times on the House floor that it is just that. He has no clue what it’s going to look like, he just trusts that the government agents will create it and somehow stay within the confines of the law, with ZERO legislative oversight. At best, it will be a clumsy system with all sorts of data quality and security issues where your personal information could be exposed. As each new state joins the ranks of Constitutional Carry states with clean laws, Indiana continues compromising and delaying the restoration of your rights! With HB 1369, it is incredibly clear that it was hastily thrown together and amended with bad ideas all in the name of political expediency. As each new set of eyes looks over it, a new issue is discovered. I URGE you to read Mr. Blatt’s full letter and see how sloppily HB 1369 was thrown together. With Mr. Blatt’s letter in the hands of the Senate, the bill still can be fixed. With all the legal concerns known to the Senate, they have NO EXCUSE to allow this important piece of legislation to move ahead as broken as it is. Hoosiers expect a CLEAN Constitutional Carry bill, devoid of databases and hidden traps that could turn law-abiding Hoosiers into lawbreakers. That’s why Hoosier Gun Rights is committed to fighting for the restoration of gun rights for ALL law-abiding citizens in Indiana. With your support and the support of gun owners all over Indiana, you will be able to protect yourself and your loved ones without bureaucrats standing in the way. But only if you act now. For Freedom, Brenden Boudreau

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