Constitutional Carry is scheduled for a hearing! As you’ll recall, last week I asked you to tell the Public Policy Committee to pass Constitutional Carry. You lit a fire under the committee, and late last night Public Policy Chairman Ben Smaltz scheduled a hearing for Constitutional Carry bill HB 1369 for February 10th! That is why I need you to continue to tell the members of the Public Policy Committee you DEMAND they pass TRUE Constitutional Carry right away! Support Constitutional Carry in Indiana Your activism is making a HUGE difference in the fight for restoring your Second Amendment rights in Indiana. While a hearing is a huge step in the right direction, our fight isn’t over yet! As currently drafted, HB 1369 does not allow for Constitutional Carry on land managed by the Department of Natural Resources, leaving in place a DNR rule that requires a permit to carry on DNR property. Not addressing these restrictions could make it easy for otherwise law-abiding citizens to accidentally run afoul of the law when camping, fishing, or just visiting state parks. True Constitutional Carry legislation should allow ALL law-abiding citizens to carry in areas where carrying with a permit is already allowed. That means the House Public Policy Committee must amend HB 1369 to repeal the DNR’s permit requirement to carry on property they manage. With the February 16th deadline looming for bills to be voted out of committee, we must make sure that the Public Policy Committee PASSES Constitutional Carry to the House floor. That’s why it’s critical you contact the House Public Policy Committee to amend and pass HB 1369 right away! Constitutional Carry simply states that if you can legally possess a handgun, you can carry it without having to beg for government permission. In other words, as a law-abiding citizen, you shouldn’t need any “permission slip” from the government to keep and bear arms. That’s the way it’s done in 16 other states, including neighboring Kentucky. In fact, the Governors of Montana and Utah are expected to sign Constitutional Carry bills into law as early as THIS week, adding two more states to the ever-growing list of Constitutional Carry states… Thanks to the pressure you’ve put on politicians in Indianapolis over the past few years, Rep. Smaltz filed House Bill 1369, one of SEVEN Constitutional Carry bills filed this year! And thanks to your phone calls and emails this week, Rep. Smaltz has scheduled a hearing for HB 1369 for tomorrow! So we must keep the heat up and show that simply hearing a bill isn’t enough from the political establishment. They must amend HB 1369 to remove DNR restrictions and pass it to the House floor for a vote in the full Indiana House of Representatives! Together we can show Smaltz and the rest of the Public Policy Committee that it is time to advance a clean Constitutional Carry bill without any anti-gun amendments. That means allowing carry without a permit any place where carry with a permit is currently legal, including Department of Natural Resources grounds. It is crucial that you click here to contact the members of the Public Policy Committee and tell them to pass Constitutional Carry RIGHT AWAY! Hoosier Gun Rights is committed to fighting for the restoration of your gun rights in Indiana. Without your help, this bill may move with current DNR restrictions in place…or worse, the bill won’t make it out of committee! But I know you won’t let that happen. Please act today! Brenden Boudreau Brenden Boudreau

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