Indiana gun owners made their voices heard loud and clear in several ways during Tuesday’s primary election.

First, State Rep. Curt Nisly won the Republican nomination in House District 22 by a wide margin. This is great news for gun owners.

Nisly is a true champion of gun rights. This year, Nisly authored a bill to restore Constitutional Carry to Indiana.

And twice Nisly has pushed for a recorded floor vote on Constitutional Carry in the House.

So even though the establishment gun lobby played petty games by arbitrarily downgrading Rep. Nisly over his push for Constitutional Carry, clearly his constituents weren’t buying their nonsense and know full well that Nisly is a pro-gun hero.

A second lesson from Tuesday’s primary is, don’t take money from Michael Bloomberg.

House Majority Floor Leader Matt Lehman, ironically an NRA “A”-Rated candidate, took $500 from Everytown for Gun Safety, which is a front group for Michael Bloomberg’s push for gun control.

Lehman narrowly secured his nomination over newcomer Taylor Isch in House District 79, but not before having the fight of his political life.

Lehman spent an inordinate amount of his campaign explaining to his constituents why he accepted money from a gun control group and why he repeatedly voted against the Second Amendment during his time in the Indiana House of Representatives.

And this was only made possible because of your generous support that funded our accountability campaign in House District 79.

With Isch returning his Hoosier Gun Rights Candidate Survey 100% pro-gun and making the Second Amendment a central feature of his campaign, gun owners in the district were well-equipped to make sure Lehman felt the heat for his betrayal.

After holding on to the House District 79 seat since 2008 with little effort, on primary day about 45% of Republicans in the district voted to send Rep. Lehman packing (final results are pending the count of absentee ballots).

You see, it’s no longer enough to mouth generic talking points on the Second Amendment and to receive bloated ratings from the establishment gun lobby.

Gun owners EXPECT real action on common sense legislation, such as Constitutional Carry, and ABSOLUTE opposition to the wiles of the Gun Control Lobby.

Since Republicans hold large majorities in both chambers, and since Indiana has a Republican Governor, there is truly no excuse for not passing Constitutional Carry.

Thirdly, this primary season proved it’s a great idea to campaign boldly on a strong, pro-gun platform.

In House District 88, Chris Jeter campaigned strongly on his support for the Second Amendment. Jeter won the Republican nomination for this open seat.

And in House District 93, John Jacob campaigned as a strong advocate for Constitutional Carry, and defeated incumbent Republican Dollyne Sherman for the Republican nomination.

Even better, both Jeter and Jacob returned their Hoosier Gun Rights Candidate Surveys 100% pro-gun.

Neither Sherman nor McGrath in House District 88 (Jeter’s opponent) returned their Hoosier Gun Rights Candidate Surveys.

When we stand together in defense of the Second Amendment, politicians tend to listen to us.

Thanks again for all you do to support our work in Indiana.

For Liberty, Brenden Boudreau

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