Lies, Gun Control, and Bloomberg Cash

May 27, 2020 

Anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg and his cronies are giddy at the thought of taking over “Red” states and using new majorities to pass radical gun control.

And Indiana is on their shortlist of targets.

Remember, it wasn’t only disgraced outgoing House Speaker Brian Bosma in the pockets of Bloomberg’s Astroturf organization “Everytown for Gun Control.”

Indiana House Republican Floor Leader Matt Lehman (R-HD 79) also accepted campaign money from the anti-gun group.

In fact, the campaign arms of the Indiana House (House Republican Campaign Committee) and Senate (Senate Majority Campaign Committee) BOTH accepted cash from the Bloomberg-funded gun control organization.

Republicans accepting money from an anti-gun organization is troubling and it’s why Hoosier Gun Rights is working overtime to expose the wolves in sheep’s clothing in Indianapolis.

That’s why it’s more important than ever that anti-gun politicians are exposed and held accountable.

So please take a moment to sign the “Expose the Anti-Gun Politicians in Indiana” pledge RIGHT AWAY.

Despite an explosion of support for pro-gun Constitutional Carry legislation across Indiana, it was Republicans who killed it without as much as a committee hearing, let alone a vote.

Self-proclaimed “pro-gun” Rep. Ben Smaltz KILLED Constitutional Carry at the request of Bosma and Lehman.

Let me make this clear.

If weak-kneed Republicans like Bosma and Lehman continue getting away with killing pro-gun legislation without feeling the pressure, the vote needed to expose the rest of the anti-gun politicians may never happen.

You see, it’s really easy to claim support for the Second Amendment to win elections and do nothing more than maintain the status quo if not held accountable.

Without being held to the standard of actually standing for gun rights, it becomes really easy to join the “good-ole-boy club” to make friends, rake in donations, and ensure establishment support once securely in office.

This is the exact cycle of compromise that has left pro-gun Hoosiers lagging behind even liberal Northeastern states like Maine and New Hampshire.

Even neighboring Kentucky passed Constitutional Carry just last year.

And with Bloomberg and his cronies emboldened by recent successes in Florida and Virginia, they are looking to pass gun control in legislatures nationwide.

With primary elections only days away, it’s even more important to make sure pro-gun Hoosiers know exactly where their candidates stand on their gun rights.

It is critical for gun rights activists to double our efforts since the establishment is already spending big to hide their anti-gun records.

“Gun Control, Inc.” is taking full advantage over the COVID-19 outbreak to raise as much money as possible.

With your help, we can send a loud-and-clear message to the political establishment and the gun grabbers that their radical agenda is not welcome in Indiana.

Pro-gun Hoosiers deserve to know where their candidates stand on their right to keep and bear arms.

For Freedom,


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