Constitutional Carry Introduced in Indianapolis!

January 8, 2020


State Rep. Curt Nisly just introduced the Indiana 2020 Constitutional Carry bill in Indianapolis!

This is wonderful news for law-abiding gun owners in Indiana.

Nisly’s Constitutional Carry bill has been assigned House Bill number 1211.

House Bill 1211 (or HB 1211) simply states if you can legally possess a handgun, you can carry it to protect yourself and your loved ones without having to beg for government permission.

That’s Constitutional Carry.

In other words, as a law-abiding citizen, no “permission slip” is needed from the government to keep and bear arms, other than the Second Amendment.

If you agree, please sign your Constitutional Carry petition to your lawmakers, encouraging them to support Nisly’s bill!

Fellow Patriots, we will have to push hard to get Constitutional Carry in Indiana.

You see, the political class in Indianapolis is going to throw every possible roadblock in the path of Constitutional Carry.

House Speaker Brian Bosma has blocked Constitutional Carry from reaching the House floor for years.

Even worse, Bosma has convinced some past authors of Constitutional Carry to stop pushing to restore your rights, in return for them getting a seat at the establishment’s table.

In 2017, Bosma held a summer study committee instead of passing true Constitutional Carry.

In 2018, the bill did not get a vote on the House floor.

Then in 2019, Bosma pushed the bill author to not file Constitutional Carry at all.

All of this with a veto-proof majority in both legislative chambers. And the Republican leadership still won’t take action on Constitutional Carry.

Legislators need to hear from law-abiding gun owners like you right away.

Speaking together, in large numbers, we can convince them they must take action on Constitutional Carry.

I hope I can count on you to add your voice to thousands of other Hoosiers calling for Constitutional Carry. Please sign your petition right now.

The new author of Constitutional Carry, House Bill 1211, Rep. Curt Nisly, is standing tall for the Second Amendment in Indiana.

In fact, the National Association for Gun Rights awarded Rep. Nisly the “.50 Caliber Freedom Award” for his work defending gun rights.

But Rep. Nisly can’t do this alone.

Now that HB 1211 has been filed, the Indianapolis leadership needs to hear from gun owners all over the state of Indiana.

Frankly, standing together is the only way we can overcome Speaker Bosma’s blockade of your gun rights.

We need to make it clear we want nothing less than an up-or-down floor vote on Constitutional Carry in the Indiana House.

I hope I can count on you to join me.


For Liberty,

Brenden Boudreau
Executive Director
Hoosier Gun Rights

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