Brian Bosma Betrays Hoosiers on Constitutional Carry Again

January 27, 2020

House Speaker Brian Bosma has hatched his plan to kill Constitutional Carry in Indiana.

And I need your help TODAY to save this critical, pro-gun legislation.

Constitutional Carry, as you know, is the common-sense idea that so long as you are able to legally possess a handgun, you do not need to get permission from the government in order to carry that firearm.

State Rep. Curt Nisly has filed House Bill 1211 (HB 1211) as the Indiana Constitutional Carry bill. Add your voice to the ***PETITION*** for Constitutional Carry by clicking here.

But today I need to ask you to do even more.

Speaker Bosma has given Committee Chair Rep. Ben Smaltz orders to kill HB 1211 in the Public Policy Committee.

Frankly, we have only hours to convince members of the House Public Policy Committee to reverse course and hear the Constitutional Carry bill.

With a swift hearing, and a vote on the House floor this week, we can still advance Constitutional Carry in 2020.

But you must act today.

Please call the members of the House Public Policy Committee today. Tell them you support HB 1211, the Constitutional Carry bill. Let them know you want the bill heard and sent to the House floor for a recorded vote. Here are the committee members:

Rep. Ben Smaltz, Chair                            (317) 232-9620

Rep. Christy Stutzman, Vice Chair  (317) 232-9753

Rep. Edward Clere                                       (317) 232-9657

Rep. Sean Eberhart                                     (317) 232-9981

Rep. Matt Hostettler                                  (317) 232-9648

Rep. Matt Lehman                                      (317) 234-9380

Rep. Jim Lucas                                              (317) 234-9447

Rep. Peggy Mayfield                                  (317) 232-9802

Rep. Timothy Wesco                                  (317) 232-9753

Rep. Justin Moed                                         (317) 232-9794

Rep. Terri Jo Austin                                   (317) 232-9671

Rep. Dan Forestal                                         (317) 232-9827

Rep. Vanessa Summers                          (317) 232-9827

For years, Republicans in the Indiana legislature have had huge majorities, along with a Governor who campaigned on gun rights.

Despite this, Hoosiers keep getting denied TRUE Constitutional Carry.

But with elections approaching, this is the best time to make your voice heard to legislators of all stripes.

With gun owners all over Indiana standing strong for Constitutional Carry, the politicians will understand they need to defend our Constitutional rights or face angry voters back home.

And when we speak together, they’ll have no choice but to listen to us.

So make sure you call the committee members, today.

Then contact House Speaker Brian Bosma at (317) 232-9677, and tell him to stop trying to kill Constitutional Carry (HB 1211). Let him know you want this bill to pass.

Make sure you sign your ***PETITION*** for Constitutional Carry, so we can let your own legislators know you are standing with thousands of other voters throughout Indiana who want this common sense legislation.

Finally, consider chipping in $20 or even $10 to help me spread the word about the Constitutional Carry bill to even more Hoosiers.

Remember, time is now short for advancing Constitutional Carry.

Please make your phone calls to committee members today.

I hope you will stand with us.

For Liberty,

Brenden Boudreau
Executive Director
Hoosier Gun Rights

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